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Birthmark examination

Prevention of melanoma

Birthmarks, along with freckles, accompany us all our lives. However, to prevent them from becoming dangerous, they need to be checked regularly.

Birthmarks are visible, colored growths on the skin that are either present at birth or develop shortly after birth. They can have different sizes and shapes and are created due to the presence of pigment cells that contain melanin. Their appearance may change over time.


The formation of birthmarks and freckles is mainly influenced by two factors - genes and the sun. However, pigmentation can also occur after we have burned ourselves, after inflammation of the skin, after using contraception, as a result of a hormonal disease or with increasing age.​

Prevention of melanoma:

Repeated and chronic tanning brings with it unpleasant complications, which include actinic aging of the skin, the development of skin tumors and the even more dangerous malignant melanoma, which, however, arises in up to half of the cases precisely from a birthmark. This is also why it is necessary to continuously and regularly monitor the signs. A timely diagnosis, even if unfavorable, is the basis of future treatment success, and often only means the necessity of further regular and more detailed monitoring.

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