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Vitamin infusion

Supply your body with important vitamins and energy quickly and efficiently with a vitamin infusion

A safe and secure way to deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important substances into your body. Vitamin infusion is a method in which we deliver vitamins and minerals directly into your blood. Thanks to this, you will get a stronger, faster and more effective dose than you would get from food or tablets. Vitamins directly into a vein in a more concentrated form are more effective and gentler on your digestion than regular pills.

When to come for an infusion?

  • if your body is missing something

  • if you donate blood or plasma

  • in stressful period

  • if you are active athlete

  • to stay in form

  • if you are tired

Frequency of therapies

Most often, vitamin infusion is applied in several doses with daily to weekly intervals. You can feel the effects after only 2-4 infusions. We recommend 3-10 sessions ideally spaced 1-3 times per week, depending on your needs and type of infusion.

The treatment

​At the consultation with the specialist, you will choose a suitable vitamin infusion, and then you can relax. The infusion itself usually takes about 20-90 minutes depending on the composition.


After the treatment

A possible side effect may be temporary fatigue. It signals the activation of the immune system and quickly subsides.

Who is it not suitable for?

  • people with kidney problems, kidney stones

  • pregnant and lactating women

  • peole with anemia, blood formation disorders

  • with excessive iron deposition

  • during oncological treatment

  • when taking certain medicines (e.g. blood thinners)

  • infections

  • fever

  • and other specific conditions and diseases

Clients who do not suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies, take certain medications, or suffer from a serious illness should consult their doctor before using vitamin therapy.

Our packages:

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