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Vlasová mezoterapie - růst vlasů

Hair mesotherapy

A treatment that supplies the scalp with the right nutrients for hair growth and stops hair loss

Scalps, receding and thinning hair, together with the sad sight of combed hair after every bath and during the day, can really torment women and men. Sometimes genes are to blame for hair loss, other times hormonal fluctuations, stress or perhaps rapid weight loss.

Hair mesotherapy is a way to deliver the substances needed for hair growth directly to the hair roots. Thanks to mesotherapy, the scalp can regenerate better, the hair becomes stronger, and the vitamins contained in the cocktail contribute to regrowth.

Benefits of the treatment
  • Hair roots receive the necessary nutrition

  • The condition of the scalp improves

  • Hair is thicker, stronger and shinier

  • The skin gets better blood circulation, which helps to nourish and oxygenate the cells

  • The most effective method to promote hair growth

  • The procedure is almost painless

The procedure

During hair mesotherapy, we apply a medicinal substance containing growth factors, stem cells, vitamins and other medicinal substances directly into the skin layer that nourishes the hair roots with small needles. Along with the key nutrients, the hair roots also receive an impulse to renew the hair. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes.

After the procedure

After the treatment, the scalp is slightly reddened, but these symptoms subside quickly. The skin may also be tender to the touch for about a day. However, immediately after treatment, the patient can return to his usual activities. It is important not to scratch or otherwise irritate the treated scalp.

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