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Hydration - the key to beautiful, healthy and youthful skin

Treat yourself to beautiful, healthy and young skin thanks to hydrobalance rejuvenation.

Hydration of your skin is one of the factors that affect the quality of your skin. Every day we encounter a large number of creams and other preparations for external use, but their effects are only short-term and often not very visible.

Hydrobalance treatment will allow the skin to be deeply hydrated, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting effect when rejuvenating the skin of the face or other parts of the body. Nourished skin regains its former brightness and elasticity. And thanks to this, you will get radiant skin.

The procedure

The application is almost painless because the needles used are very fine. Depending on the degree of sensitivity of your skin, your doctor may offer you the option of local anesthesia.

Common areas of application
  • delicate skin around the eyes

  • the area around the lips

  • skin on the neck

  • the skin of the cleavage

  • the upper backs of the hands

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