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Exosome mesotherapy

A skin rejuvenation and regeneration method 

Exosome mesotherapy restores and regenerates the skin and restores hair growth. Exosomes are the future of aesthetic medicine, as they have strong anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, signaling cells to produce more collagen.

The skin is younger at a deep cellular level after the treatment.

Benefits of treatment
  • preserving the youth of cells

  • skin regeneration

  • revitalization and nourishment of the skin

  • skin renewal

  • unifying skin tone

  • smoothing fine lines

  • healing and rejuvenation of the skin

  • support of collagen production

  • dose of hydration

  • strengthening the skin's protective barrier

  • improving skin texture

  • restoration of hair growth

Course of treatment

The entire procedure takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the treated area. Exosomes are applied to cleansed skin using fine injections or microneedles.

After treatment

​After the treatment, we do not recommend applying make-up for the rest of the day, visiting the pool or sauna until the next day. The advantage of the treatment is the very fast onset of the effect, which multiplies even more over time.

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