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Fat reduction in problematic areas







Exion is the first technology that reduces fat and at the same time stimulates the production of collagen, thus significantly influencing the overall appearance and health of the skin. Reducing fat in problematic areas requires a complex approach that also focuses on strengthening the treated area, because for a perfect result it is not enough to just reduce fat, but also to improve the quality of the skin and prevent it from sagging. The disadvantage of outdated devices is the unpleasant course of treatment due to high temperatures. Thanks to the revolutionary applicator, however, we can reduce discomfort to a minimum and achieve even better results than ever before. Through its action, Exion can reduce fat and at the same time stimulate the production of elastin and thus improve the overall appearance of the skin.

This applicator allows you to target and contour areas of the body that are often hard to reach, such as bra bulges, banana rolls under the buttocks and fat pockets on the knees. Thus, it facilitates contouring and improves the appearance of the body in these specific areas.

Benefits of the treatment
  • activates the body's own production of hyaluronic acid - up to 224%

  • improves skin quality by 41%

  • long-term stimulation of collagen

  • without a single injection 

  • natural rejuvenation

  • deep hydration of the skin

The treatment

During the first meeting, our body therapy specialist will propose an individual treatment plan that will be adapted to your specific needs. Thermolipolysis itself does not require any preparation and is completely painless. You will feel a gentle warming that relieves the cooling gel. 

  • acute bacterial and viral infections

  • chronic skin disease in the treated area

  • when breaking the skin

  • at the site of application of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid in the previous 14 days

  • after laser or peeling skin treatment in the previous 14 days

  • pregnant and lactating women

Turn your dream of a beautiful body into reality. You can try this method now in our clinic. Book a non-binding consultation.

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