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The future of youthful skin, which boosts the natural production of hyaluronic acid







Deep hydration is one of the foundations for maintaining a youthful appearance and fresh skin. However, with increasing age, hyaluronic acid, which is considered the most effective moisturizing substance, decreases. Therefore, modern aesthetic medicine is still trying to find ways to complement it. Until recently, the only option was the injection method. But the groundbreaking Exion applicator can do all this without a single injection. Its action deeply stimulates the skin, which increases the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Benefits of the treatment

  • activates the production of own hyaluronic acid - up to 224%

  • improves skin quality by 41%

  • 47% increase in collagen

  • long-term stimulation of the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin

  • natural rejuvenation

  • deep hydration of the skin

  • suitable for people with an allergic reaction to the injection of hyaluronic acid

Before the treatment

​No special preparation is needed. Before the procedure and during the entire treatment period, do not use anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, drugs and creams containing retinoids. Do not undergo other laser procedures or chemical peeling

The treatment

During the first meeting, our device therapy specialist will propose an individual treatment plan that will be adapted to your specific needs. The treatment itself is completely painless and does not require any preparation. 

After the treatments

After the treatment you can get back to your daily routine. In order for the results to be satisfactory, it is advisable to repeat the procedure at 2-4 week intervals. Regular skin care using high-quality products will help you achieve better results.


  • bacterial and viral infections

  • chronic skin disease in the treated area

  • application of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid in the previous 14 days

  • after laser or peeling skin treatment in the previous 14 days

  • pregnant and lactating women

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