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Skin rejuvenation, removal of pigment spots and veins and treatment of acne

Maybe you would like to have smoother skin and look a few years younger? Or you want to get rid of pigmentation spots, veins or acne? With EXILITE's modern IPL technology, it is now much easier to achieve skin rejuvenation, even skin tone, removal of pigmentation spots, veins and acne. Depending on the type of treatment, different exchangeable filters are used. It is the best choice for those looking for an affordable aesthetic upgrade.


Treatment with IPL technology is becoming more and more popular due to its speed. It is almost painless and when using a quality device, also very effective, which is why we have the most modern one for you - Exilite. It is most often used for permanent hair removal, as well as for the treatment of some type of enlarged red veins, the treatment of rosacea, pigment spots and the treatment of acne.


Led therapy

Exilite brings unique regeneration support based on the effects of LED light therapy.

When applied, the skin absorbs light and stimulates collagen proteins. The skin then has more collagen, looks smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also eliminate scars. The red LED light is also believed to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation, making the skin look healthier and more radiant.


Skin rejuvenation

The treatment is performed using the most powerful IPL technology on the market BTL EXILITE IPL with an actively cooled sapphire crystal. With the help of this therapy, it is much easier to achieve skin rejuvenation, collagen formation, smoothing fine wrinkles, overall improvement of sagging skin.

It is the choice for those looking for an affordable and quick aesthetic improvement. You usually notice an improvement after the first treatment.


Removal of pigmentation spots

Using this therapy, it is much easier to achieve the removal of pigment spots, age spots - with the help of IPL, the pigment in the lesion collapses, eventually fades or peels off, thereby creating the desired effect.

The therapy solves the removal of unwanted pigment spots in places such as the face, neck, décolletage or hands.

The procedure is not time-consuming and is suitable for both women and men.


Removal of veins

IPL vein removal is effective, don't be afraid to try it. The heat causes the hemoglobin in the lesion to clot and fade or peel off as the skin naturally replaces itself.

The therapy addresses the removal of unwanted veins and vascular lesions on the face and legs. The procedure is not time-consuming and is suitable for women and men who suffer from veins.


Acne treatment

Treatment of acne and scars with IPL will also eliminate long-term problems. During the treatment, skin cells are activated, leading to faster skin renewal and reduction of sebum production. The skin is smoothed, softened and gradually removes acne and scars after the treatment.

By applying the IPL laser, it is possible to stimulate collagen and thereby speed up the healing of scars.

The therapy addresses the removal of acne on the face, neck, cleavage and back.


The treatment

During the treatment, special glasses must be worn to protect the eyes from the laser beam. When treating acne using the IPL system, the applicator sends short light pulses into the skin.


After the treatment

Always use a cream with a high UV factor after facial treatment and avoid sun exposure.

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