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Exilite - MP Clinic


Treatment of acne, pigment spots and veins that provides a truly complex solution

Exilite therapy destroys the bacteria present in acne-prone skin and at the same time prevents the formation of new acne. It also heals scar tissue, refines pores and improves texture.

This is the most effective and gentle way to treat acne. It reduces sebum production without side effects. The specialists in our clinic successfully treat acne using this procedure. This method significantly reduces the number of rashes, normalizes excessive sebum production, prevents acne and reduces its consequences.

The treatment

During the treatment, special glasses must be worn to protect the eyes from the laser beam. When treating acne using the IPL system, the applicator sends short light pulses into the skin. The result is a smaller number of skin rashes and the removal of existing comedones.

After the treatment

Always use a cream with a high UV factor after facial treatment and avoid sun exposure.

Benefits of the procedure
  • non-contact method, also suitable for sensitive skin

  • guaranteed results without damaging the lower layers of the skin

  • painless procedure

  • no side effects (hyperpigmentation, scars, long-term swelling)

  • short rehabilitation period

  • can be done throughout the year

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