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Painless and permanent hair removal 

Laser hair removal is a highly effective solution for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. It's a unique procedure that is painless and can be used on practically any part of the body. For an ideal and permanent result, it is advisable to repeat the treatment several times. 

Course of treatment

​Before the treatment, you need to put on special glasses that protect eyes in front of the laser beam. The laser is applied to a specific area with a small hand-held probe. You can usually feel a weak pinch at the moment of the laser pulse, comparable to, for example, pinching a rubber band. For people who are very sensitive to pain, it is possible to use an anesthetic cream, the effect of which begins approximately half an hour after application. Laser hair removal lasts from a few minutes to an hour depending on the size of the treated area.


After treatment

After laser epilation, the treated area may be temporarily reddened and the patient may feel a burning sensation. Rarely, swelling, blisters, scabs or a change in skin pigmentation, either darkening or lightening, may also occur. These changes disappear individually within a few days.

Immediately after the procedure, it is important to avoid sunlight, radiant heat and solarium. Peeling products must not be used in the epilated area for the first days after the treatment. The treated area should be protected from sunlight with a cream with a UV factor of at least 30 before and after the procedure.

Treatment result

After the first treatment, almost eighty percent of hairs stop growing. The remaining hairs, which are not sufficiently pigmented because they are in the embryonic or resting phase, must be removed over time, approximately after six to seven weeks. For a permanent result, the treatment is repeated three to four times. Once eliminated, hairs will never grow back and the skin in the treated area will be soft and smooth.

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