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Chemical peel

A skin rejuvenation and regeneration method that improves problematic skin

A chemical peel is a medical method in which one or more AHA acids are applied to the skin. These acids destroy the individual layers of the skin, which leads to the renewal of skin cells, softening of wrinkles, smoothing of unevenness, removal of acne and unwanted pigmentation. The skin is healthier and smoother after the treatment.

Chemical peel is divided into three types according to concentration:

  • superficial

  • medium deep

  • deep

Advantages of chemical peeling
  • treats acne

  • restores excessively tanned skin

  • reduces the activity of sebaceous glands - regulates oiliness

  • softens/removes acne scars

  • softens/removes pigment spots

  • softens unwanted pigmentation

  • removes age spots

The treatment

The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes, is simple and painless. The chosen substance is evenly applied to the skin with a brush, which is left for a certain time. It is then removed from the skin and dried.

After the treatment

After the treatment the skin is usually pinkish, and after a certain time small scales - dead cells - may separate from the surface. The skin tends to be drier for several days, so it needs to be thoroughly hydrated and protected from the sun with UV filters. It is also important to avoid radiant heat in the solarium or sauna. According to the dermatologist's recommendation, it is important to apply soothing and regenerating products to the skin. To achieve a more pronounced effect, it is advisable to repeat the procedure 4-6 times.

  • burnt skin

  • eczema

  • herpes

  • cuts

  • wart

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