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Odstranění celulitidy - Emtone


Cellulite and sagging skin

The future of cellulite reduction and full body shaping 

Most women suffer from cellulite and significant sagging of the skin after losing weight and adding numbers to the age. This is due to the loss of collagen and elastin, which improve the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin. The solution is EMTONE - a device that reduces cellulite with a success rate of 90% and at the same time strengthens the surface of the body's skin.

EMTONE is an FDA certified non-invasive cellulite treatment. It combines radio frequency and targeted pressure energy to reduce cellulite and at the same time tighten the surface of the body's skin.

The treatment

During the first meeting, our body therapy specialist will propose an individual treatment plan that will be adjusted to your specific needs. The Emtone treatment itself is completely painless. You can relax and enjoy the procedure, which can be compared to a lava stone massage with the addition of mechanical vibrations.

After the treatment

Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be warm to the touch or slightly pink. However, no recovery is required and you can immediately return to your daily routine.

Treated areas

This method will help you in the most problematic areas. If you wish to achieve long-term visible results, we recommend to undergo approximately six procedures.

  • buttocks

  • the back of the thighs

  • front of thighs

  • inner thighs

  • hips

  • belly

  • arms

Turn your dream of a beautiful body into reality. You can try this method now in our clinic. Book a free consultation.

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