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Botulinum toxin application

Prevention mimic and quick removal of already formed wrinkles

The application of botulinum toxin is (also hyaluronic acid) one of the most commonly used methods of rejuvenation. It limits the activity of facial muscles and thus smoothes out wrinkles and is an excellent prevention against their formation. Not only is the effect immediate and long-lasting, but by removing mimic wrinkles, your facial features are softened. It is the most common procedure in aesthetic medicine.

Results and Benefits:
  • A rested and youthful appearance

  • Removal or reduction of wrinkles

  • Quick outpatient procedure

  • By repeating, the effect is prolonged

  • No more sweating

The procedure

Botuloxin is applied with a thin needle, the injections are almost painless. Their number depends on the location to which botox is applied. Slight swelling or redness, or a small bruise, may persist for several minutes after application. The duration of the procedure is approximately 10 minutes.

After the procedure

The post-treatment regimen is not demanding. Doctors recommend not lying down for approximately four hours after the treatment, as there is a risk that the substance will move in the tissue and act elsewhere than it is desired. It goes without saying that the treated areas should not be scratched or otherwise irritated. It is advisable to skip massages, solariums and cosmetic treatments for about a week. Make-up can be applied with gentle movements almost immediately after application.

Suitable in combination with:
  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Mesotherapy

  • Plasma therapy

  • Mesonite

A solution to excessive sweating

Botulinum toxin is also suitable for treating excessive sweating. It is most often found in the armpits, palms, back of the neck or feet. The botulinum toxin prevents the transmission of nerve fibers to the sweat glands, and you will stop sweating in the treated area after a few days. The application will help from sweating for 6-10 months.

Botulinum toxin contraindications

It must not be applied during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, in people with nervous disorders and allergies to any of the substances in the given preparation

Botulinum toxin application areas:​
Wrinkle smoothing



Eye area


Top lip

Masseter muscle



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