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excessive function of the sebaceous glands

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Acne is a chronic non-infectious inflammatory disease. It is caused by excessive function of the sebaceous glands. First, the outlet of the sebaceous gland becomes blocked, from which a non-inflammatory and then an inflammatory deposit is formed.

The causes of acne are often hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, unhealthy lifestyle, polluted air, poor-quality diet, insufficient drinking regime, alcohol, smoking, stress, nervousness, lack of sleep, medication or inappropriate skin care and poor-quality cosmetic products.​

Scars are caused by damage to the upper layer of the skin along with disruption of the deeper layers of the skin, often as a result of careless squeezing and other disruption of pimples. This is because skin damaged in this way cannot regenerate to the same state as before acne. In this way, a replacement tissue is formed from collagen fibers at the site of the injury, which has the task of filling the wound and supporting the healing of the skin, but the new tissue after healing may remain visibly different from the surrounding skin.

  • Atrophic scars are deep sunken acne scars that occur when a pimple wound does not heal properly or when the amount of connective tissue in the area is too small. This species resembles the punctures of thick needles, therefore it is also called "ice pick"

  • Hypertrophic scars are characterized by raised skin at the site of scar tissue. This is caused by the formation of poor quality tissue at the site of the pimple. This tissue has a different structure and feels stiffer than the surrounding skin.

  • Keloid scars are formed when an initially hypertrophic scar enlarges and spreads to other areas of the skin. These initially red-purple raised scars may gradually fade. Keloid scars can also form during the healing of burned skin.

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