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skin condition that causes reddened skin and a rash

Rosacea is a skin disease characterized mainly by redness of the skin in the area of the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.

It occurs especially in people with fair skin and hair. However, it can also appear in children or older people or in darker skin types. Rosacea is not contagious and there are currently no studies to confirm that rosacea is hereditary.

Although rosacea occurs more often in women, it tends to be more intense in men. It can be manifested by so-called rhinophyma, i.e. swelling of the nose.

  • redness/redness of the skin

  • visible blood vessels

  • small pimples and red, inflamed bumps

  • thickening of the skin and enlarged pores

  • redness, burning or feeling of dry eyes


The most common triggers:
  • hot environment

  • weather - sun, humidity, wind or frost

  • inappropriate cosmetics

  • food

  • drinks

  • health condition

  • stress

  • state of anxiety

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