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Warts are viral diseases caused by human papillomaviruses. Penetration of these viruses into the skin or mucous membranes results in the multiplication of cells, which can then form growths on the skin or mucous membranes. It is an infectious disease that can be transmitted by touching infected skin directly from person to person, i.e. directly or indirectly - by transfer through objects. Common warts take about 2-6 months to develop and are mostly harmless and will disappear on their own.

The most common places where warts occur are the soles of the feet, palms, fingers and face.

Types of warts:
  • common warts – circumscribed hard pimples to bumps with a cracked surface. They are persistent and painful, especially around the nails and under the nails.

  • plantar warts - resemble calluses, thicker and harder defined areas of skin seem to sink into the skin of the foot. They tend to be painful, especially when stepped on.

  • filiform and finger-like warts - resemble thin threads or fingers that are skin-colored or pinkish-white in color. They are most common on the face near the corners of the mouth, eyelids.

  • flat warts - flat pink-yellow warts a few millimeters in size. They appear mainly on the face and backs of the hands in children. It spreads most often by scratching.

  • senile warts - non-infectious and transmissible. These are growths on the skin that are most often colored brown. Beware of confusing them with melanoma (skin cancer).

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