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Dvě ženy v spodním prádle


Full body lifting

The ageLOC WellSpa iO system represents smart skin care and results in visibly firmer and more radiant skin. AgeLOC brings scientifically proven benefits that you can feel and see. It's technology adjusts the intensity of the current according to your skin in real time. It regenerates your body to feel better before and after training. Thanks to the movements of the device on the skin, it helps massage the skin, improves circulation in its individual layers and connective tissue. It will thus help to rest sore muscles, promote overall relaxation, and at the same time reduce the swollen appearance of the skin, which makes it look smoother. It also targets skin with visible cellulite. It supports contouring, improves the brightening of the skin and its overall appearance.

Benefits of the treatment
  • Suitable for skin with visible cellulite - helps to visibly firm and contour the skin.

  • The result is radiant skin with a smoother appearance.

  • Visibly firms the skin on the thighs, stomach and arms for a more youthful appearance.

  • It helps nourish the skin for a cleaner, smoother and healthier appearance.

  • It helps improve skin laxity and achieve a toned and sculpted appearance.

  • Evens skin tone for a visibly bright and radiant look.

  • It hydrates and helps reduce frizziness of the skin.

  • Helps regenerate muscles after training.

The treatment

Before the treatment, you will discuss your goals with our specialist. During the procedure itself, a gel or serum will be applied to the skin, selected according to your requirements, and then you can relax. You will only feel the strokes of the device.

After the treatment

No special regimen is required after the treatment. You can immediately return to your routine.

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