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Screening - zdravotní diagnostika


Get a complete overview and keep your health under control

Get a complete overview of your health. With an early diagnosis, you will reduce the risk of serious health problems and diseases in the future. You will discover the real causes of health problems, which may not be obvious at first glance.

What can the examination can find
  • immune system functionality

  • overacidification of the organism

  • eating habits

  • chronic and acute inflammations

  • the need for detoxification of the organism - the presence of toxins in the body

  • oxygen utilization - how it supplies organs and tissues

  • tendency to degenerative diseases

  • red and white blood cell status

  • the presence of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts

  • the presence of heavy metals and cholesterol crystals

  • accumulation of uric acid - risk of DNY

  • insufficient amount of vitamins, folic acid, iron

  • blood clotting

  • reduced defenses

  • parasitic disease

  • the state of proteins - the quality of their digestion

  • pathogenic microorganisms and their development

  • risk of heart attack and stroke

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