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Odstranění pigmentových skvrn

Removal of unwanted pigmentation using Exilite

A large number of people struggle with increased pigmentation. For some the reason is genetics, for others it appears in women during pregnancy and then disappears again. Pigment spots are often accompanied by old age. But the main cause is excessive sun exposure.

The treatment is usually performed on the face, cleavage or the backs of the hands. Prevention of pigment spots is also very important.

The treatment

The treatment itself takes no more than 30 minutes. The laser beam targets the pigment in the upper and middle layers of the skin. The laser targets and grinds the pigment or color, the body then excretes it out of the body using white blood cells or in the form of tiny flakes.

After the treatment

Tiny scabs may appear on the laser treated areas during healing, the skin will heal in 7-10 days.

The treated area must be protected from the sun for a long time, otherwise the spots would appear again, at least with SPF 50. Skin protection against sunlight should be year-round, not just in summer.

A few days after the treatment, it is not advisable to visit the sauna or swimming pool - an infection could get into the wounds.

It is advisable to lubricate the scabs with a cream that promotes healing. Normal cosmetics and make-up can be used after the scabs have completely separated, in 5-7 days. Make-up as such is not a problem - what is problematic is careless make-up removal, during which the crusts could be torn off.

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