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Masáž hlavy

Lymphatic massage

A special method for firming and rejuvenating the skin

Lymphatic massage is a technique that activates lymphatic vessels on the surface of the face, neck and cleavage, which support and improve the function of the lymphatic system. It has an amazing effect on the skin, which it smoothes and detoxifies, and at the same time restores the proper flow of lymph. Thanks to the removal of toxic substances from the area of the face and cleavage, the skin is softened and improved, and the formation of wrinkles, acne and unevenness is significantly suppressed. In addition, less fat is deposited after a manual facial massage.

Benefits of the treatment
  • skin rejuvenation

  • immediately visible results

  • skin regeneration

  • improving skin healing

  • smoothing out wrinkles

  • detoxification

  • skin tightening

  • removal of swelling in the face, around the eyes, under the chin and on the neck

  • prevention against migraines

  • helps with chronic rhinitis

When should lymphatic massage not be performed?

Lymphatic massages must not be performed in case of cancer, fever or bacterial infection, inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, acute inflammation of the veins, heart failure and glaucoma.


Before and after the treatment

Before and after the massage, it is important to increase fluid intake - preferably clean still water, herbal and green tea. As lymphatic massage increases the cleansing of the organism, avoid drinking coffee, alcohol and smoking before and after the procedure in order to avoid excessive strain on the kidneys and liver when breaking down released waste substances and salts. The basis for achieving the best results is a healthy lifestyle.

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