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Nail diseases

and nail area

Nails are a mirror of our health and from them it is easy to recognize various diseases and problems that trouble us, but also those that we may not even have a clue about.

Nails are horny plates protecting the last joints of the fingers from the dorsal side. They are also where the health status of the organism is displayed.

A normal nail is pink in color and has a crescent-shaped white mass at its root that is one-seventh to one-eighth of the length of the nail. Fingernails grow at a rate of about one millimeter per week, toenails are thicker and grow more slowly.

Common symptoms:
  • color change - yellowish, white, pale, dark, bluish

  • change in structure - grooves or bumps

  • horizontal stripes

  • state change - fragile

  • swollen/reddened skin around the nail

  • deformation of the nail plate

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