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InBody 970

The most modern InBody on the market will ensure ultra-precise measurements using the new 3MHz technology, which is significantly more accurate than commonly available models.

In order for your nutrition and plan to be properly adjusted, we use a high-quality diagnostic model designed for use in the healthcare industry and even for medical research. It will show us the overall composition of the body - the proportion of muscle mass, water and total and visceral fat. In addition, it analyzes individual parts of the body. That way we will know exactly what to focus on or what we can already celebrate.

Before diagnosis
  • Do not eat for at least 3 hours and do not drink for at least 1 hour before the measurement - the food and liquids you consume affect the result of the measurement.

  • Use the toilet before the measurement - the volume of urine and stool is reflected in the measurement.

  • Do not exercise at least 6 hours before the measurement - exercise affects fluid balance and can temporarily change body composition

  • Plan the repeated measurement ideally at a similar time to the first measurement.

  • Keep in mind that the menstrual cycle distorts the measurement results.

The analysis and results

The InBody analysis takes only about 60 seconds, during which the device measures:

  • Weight

  • Skeletal muscle mass

  • Fat mass

  • Total water

  • Fat free weight

  • Obesity analysis - BMI, fat percentage

  • Segmental muscle analysis (left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, right leg)

  • Segmental fat analysis (left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, right leg)

  • Fitness score - state of physical fitness

  • WHR index - ratio of waist and hips

  • Weight control - fat control, muscle control

  • Visceral fat

  • Basal metabolism


Patients with pacemakers and pregnant women cannot undergo the diagnosis.


Diagnostic packages:
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